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1. Login to the provisioning portal and reboot.

Select your server inside the portal, choose power management. Select 'Cycle Power' and click 'Perform Action'.

2. Load sysrcd from provisioning

Try loading sysrcd from the provisioning tool. This option doesn't format your disk, only boots to a live environment that you can SSH in and repair.

The tool is well documented by it's author:

2. Contact Dacentec Support Contacting Support

  • Tips to help with investigation
  • Include both the IP and hostname of the server in your ticket.
  • Provide a clear idea of what you think happened.
  • Do NOT provide any login credentials

Reload your Operating system using the Provisioning System - All data will be lost.

Request an IP KVM from [email protected], this will allow you to connect to the server's keyboard video and mouse over the internet to perform tasks.