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Q: Where are the servers located

A: 801 Main Street NW Lenoir, NC 28645 USA

Q: What is Dacentec Rent to Own?

A: All of our servers except some equipment labelled 'Rent Only' are offered in this way.

The rent to own period is 12 months with regular payments.

During the rental period we will warranty all hardware, including disk. Just send a request for replacement.

Any time after 12 months you can request to own the server, and change your services to colocation. After that we can provide hardware replacement on a per incident basis for a fee.

Q: Are there any 'hidden fees' or other charges to have Dacentec ship the server to me once I own it?

A: We can prepare everything for you for shipping though, For a standard 1U servers there is a $100 fee for the uninstalling and preparing the server for shipment.

This fee includes: Removal of the server from the rack Cardboard Shipping Box Packing Materials meeting UPS shipping guidelines Packing and sealing the server in the box. Affixing a customer provided shipping label to the box. Moving the server to the shipping and receiving area.

Once we get everything packaged up for you and get the weight we will send it to you so you can arrange shipping with your preferred carrier.

For multiple servers, or specialty items we offer a time and materials based service that is $50/hour (remote hands fee) plus the cost of packing materials.

Customers are always welcome to pick their equipment up from the datacenter without and charge.

Q: I need to order more IP's. Where can I order them at?

A: Additional IP's can now be ordered from the Extra's page in your client area.

Q: Can I send my own parts in for the server?

A: Only after you own the server, during the rental period we cannot accept outside parts or equipment.

Q: Can I switch the server I currently have for another server?

A: No, but you can order the new server and transfer your files, then cancel your old server.

Q: How can I set up a subscription payment for my services?

A: After logging into your account click the invoice history link. This will take you to a list of all of your invoice. After clicking on the individual invoice with the services you are wanting to set up the recurring payment on, you will see the subscription payment set up button. This button will only appear if you click on an individual invoice and will not appear if you have clicked the "Pay Now" button from your home page.

Q: My order is showing "Fraud" can you please help me?

A: Our ordering system flags orders as fraud for the following reasons. Orders from high risk countries, mismatched billing address and account addresses, and anonymous proxies. If you are ordering from a proxy we ask that you replace your order after disabling the proxy. We may ask for additional information such as current website, government issued ID, etc.

If you live in a country the US has a current trade sanction against, we cannot provide service to you. Further information can be found at http://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/Programs/Pages/Programs.aspx.

Q: If I am unhappy with the service can I get a refund?

A: We provide refund up to 7 days after the order is placed. We do not provide refunds for account with any type of abuse (SPAM, Phish, Pharm, DoS, DDoS) or Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy violations.

Q: I would like to transfer my server to a new client?

A: We are unable to transfer servers between clients. We recommend your client ordering a new server and transfer the data over to the new server.

Q: I have a 1U Colocation package. May I come to the Datacenter to install my own hardware?

A: Customers who have either a 1U Colocation package or a Dedicated server do not have access to their servers at any point. All installs must be performed by our trained and knowledgeable staff. The server can also be brought to one of our customer offices for you to perform the install as well.

Q: Can I get unescorted access to my equipment?

A: Unescorted access is only granted to customers who have a full cabinet, private cade, suite or licensed area larger than 50 Square Feet and have met our insurance requirements. Any customers within a partial cabinet will be granted escorted access to their cabinet.

Q: I need to upgrade/downgrade my initial server IP block?

A: This can be done as long as there are no abuse issues on the account. There is a $10 fee whether it is an upgrade or a downgrade.